What's in a name?


Evening.People have often asked me where my name came from.  Not my actual name (that is a different story for a later date), but my screen name:


You could probably do a quick Google search and notice some relations to Team Fortress 2, but in fact, it didn't originate from there.Then where, you ask? Sit down and sip on your cup of coffee/tea/horchata, but just briefly...this story is rather short (and silly).It all started back around 2002 when I had a bare-bones, barely 1 GB computer and a Nintendo GameCube. Those were the days. I would frequent using a program known as mIRC, which was basically just a messenger service with a lot of rooms based on certain topics (think reddit, but in real-time and less informative).  I didn't really have any kind of handle, and I was never the best with coming up with some really cool name. Even now, I'm still hardly imaginative.The first thing that came to mind was Space Pirate, an enemy that originates from the Metroid series. I had watched countless trailers of gameplay for the first Metroid Prime, and the Space Pirate enemy really intrigued me. I mean hell, it had a cool name too! So, I used that.SpacePirate was technically the first screen name I'd ever use, and I stuck with it for a few months. For times that it was taken, I'd append my favorite number seven after it. I was never a huge fan of adding numbers in screen names, but eh, you can only be so unique.However, there came a time when, as I was joining a chat room, I got booted because my screen name was too long. Yeah, what? What a stupid restriction. The message left was, "your username must be nine characters or less." That leaves little room for imagination, let alone fun names that might be even ten characters long! So for the moment, I was stuck with SpacePira. That sounded pretty lame, so I thought up of a lot of different words that began with a 'p' and was four letters long. A few things came to mind that I immediately disbanded due to being so incredibly mediocre: SpacePace (as if there was some pace value for traveling in space, but was kind of a tongue-twister), SpacePawn (which sounds...not very intimidating), SpacePimp (I mean, I could've used this...but, no), etc. And then I came to one word that rang a bell to me.


Now, I know my science well enough to understand that fire can't really exist in space, but take a step into the 7th grade version of me and realize that "pyro" sounded pretty damn cool. SpacePyro. A unique name that hardly anyone could come up with, yet sounded...cool. And so from there on out, a name and an Internet version of me sprung about. It's pretty amazing how I've held onto that name since then. It's been 12 years, and I still haven't grown tired of it. No one hardly picks that name for any website, so it doesn't require any periods, numbers, crazy punctuation, etc. Not $pacePyro, or SpacePyro1337, or _xXx_Spac3Pyr0_t3hl33th4x_420_xXx_ .It's just one name, and it's my name. SpacePyro.And so with that, there goes the reason that that name came into existence. You're probably disappointed with how the story ended, huh? Hah.Sorry.;)That's all for today. Go watch Game of Thrones.Peace.- Corey