Archer, Weather, and Legos.


Good evening.Hopefully everyone has had a fresh start to their new year! Have you kept up with your resolutions? I have (for the most part).I've found it actually to be a little difficult to try and film something unique every day. Other than working five days a week and staying at home for the most part on weekends, what is there to film? I think it's not so much trying to force new things to happen to your life; rather, you just let them happen.  And even then, we sometimes might be completely unconscious about it. This film project has allowed me to look at the things I do more carefully, which is actually pretty interesting. I've become more aware of what I do on a daily basis. Can you find something completely unique about a given day for a whole year? I guess we'll find out.On that note though, I've made a habit of uploading my video every day and adding it to my project. It's only been two weeks into the new year, but it's been so fascinating to me. I can remember everything that went on before, during, and after each segmented clip. It's really cool! I'll put up a preview on my next entry. In other news, the weather in Austin has been pretty amazing. At least, amazing in the sense that it feels like springtime during the second week of January. Last week, we were hitting temperatures in the low 30s. The average day hits around the mid 60s, which is very nice. Although it worries me how bad summer is going to be if it's this warm already. Ah well.I had the awesome opportunity to go see "Archer Live!" this past weekend with a few friends. For those who don't know, Archer is an animated TV series created by a UT alumni. The voice actors and producer came to Austin to talk about what they do, did some voice acting, and previewed the upcoming season. They were absolutely hilarious. I think the best part had to have been involving the sign language interpreters. Once they had realized that there were sign language interpreters near the edge of the stage, they deliberately spewed profane words just to see what it would look like in sign language. Needless to say, it was too funny. Here's a segment of the show. In this scene, the voice actor for Pam came up with a script where all the voice actors came into Austin for her wedding. If you note the pauses for the very suggestive choice of words, you'll notice that they're watching the sign language interpreters trying to sign everything they say, haha. In the world of web design, take a look at this site.  This is Sony's "Be Moved" site, which details their products and shows their story of how they build their ideas. In my opinion, it's fairly bulky and it's a little choppy when trying to scroll down, but the concept really is something else. It consists of a lot of animation that is fairly impressive and really shows off their products in a unified manner. Really cool stuff here. Check it out. There are way too many good movies out right now that I've yet to see. I'm pretty behind. The newest Hunger Games and Hobbit, Frozen, and Her are all movies that I absolutely want to go see. I've heard great things about all of them! I'm also really excited for this Lego movie to come out.  It might seem like a kid's movie, but I laughed quite a bit just watching this trailer. It's also made by the same people who created Wreck-It Ralph, so surely it's gotta be good! That's about it for now. See you Starside.- Corey