Hello, World!


Good evening!This marks a New Year's resolution that I've made: write a blog detailing interesting things. Hopefully this blog won't get rundown with really mundane posts that nobody can relate to. I want to write about anything and everything: programming, my life, aspirations, silly anecdotes, why one place has better sushi than the other, et cetera. My goal is to give myself a weekly update on what all is going on, and hopefully I can inspire some ideas in some people who read this blog.2013 was a fantastic year, full of ups and downs. I recently created a collage of all the memorable events that happened in my life. From getting to go to my first developers conference (and WWDC, of all conferences), to spending quality time with family and friends; from attending a wedding for the first time for one of my good friends, to attending a funeral for the first time for my grandfather. There have been so many events that occurred in just one year, and it's seriously crazy to believe that it's already gone. Can 2014 beat it? We'll just have to see.To start things off, I'm gonna list this year's New Year's Resolutions. I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with my last year's resolution, so I've made a stand to fulfill all of these goals by the end of the year! If I don't, then I owe myself a karate chop to the head.Without further ado:- Lose weight. This always seems to be like the number one thing on everybody's lists. I've already gotten myself into running and hitting the gym every so often, but I want to quantify how much I should (and want) to lose. My intention is to cut 15 pounds of fat off and gain 10 pounds in muscle. I've done a lot of running to regulate fat, but I'll need to work on my eating habits and try to eat "right." I'm also wanting to build up my upper body just a bit.- Record a segment of every day. This is actually a video project that I decided to do a few days before the new year hit.  I found the idea off of reddit and wanted to do my own little thing with it. Basically, I'm recording three seconds of every day, and then compiling it into a video. I'm attempting to make every day unique so it doesn't get locked down with boring, everyday events, like "oh this is me at work!" or "hey look at this blade of grass!"- Update all of my projects. I have a lot of projects that I've started on but never really got to completing. I feel like that's an issue with me; I have too many things that I want to do and I try to do them all at the same time. It never works out. I'm gonna take each project one at a time, work on what needs to be fixed, and then move on.- Write a blog entry every week. I always get on these splurges where I feel like I should write down my thoughts, and I get going for a few days. Then I consider the time it takes to write these things out and I procrastinate writing for the next day, and the rest is history. I'm gonna be stubborn this time and actually write out things I find interesting.- Improve my Korean/Japanese literacy. I've always aspired to be fluent in Korean, since that's half of my heritage. I took classes in college, but without practice, a lot of that knowledge has faded away a little bit. Recently, I've picked up on anime and have understood that the two languages are fairly similar in terms of construction. My goal is to improve upon what I already know and learn more! These goals should start me off in the right direction, I think. Here's to 2014!- Corey